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    Two stage gas producer
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    Two stage gas producer
                Two-stage coal gasifier contains an upper and a lower coal gas outlet which can put out gas of different calorie value,Its gasification efficiency and comprehensive thermal efficiency are higher than that of single-stage gasifier,the coal is retorted inside the upper section thoroughly,the coal gas from the lower outlet almost contains no tar and the gas from the upper outlet contains a little amount of light tar which will not block the pipe easily,The two-stage coal gasifier is of high calorie value,good stability,big operating elasticity,high automation,low labor intensity,no pollution,outstanding water saving,little occupying area and low operation cost.The rotation of the ash grate and coal-feeding parts can be adopted by mechanical or hydraulic ways as per customer's requests.The ash grate is made of heatproof cast iron with perfect ventilation and available for the soft coal gasification.